The finished product, to be released on February 27. It's funny to think that years of work are over and my memoir Ghost Wife is finished. It came back from the printer just before Christmas; instead of being a manuscript that lives mainly in my head, now it's a book, an actual thing, and it's sitting on a shelf in my living room.  It's a weird thing at first when something you've lived with for so long as an idea becomes a physical presence, a paper-and-ink manifestation, something fixed. I actually feel a bit awkward around it right now, because I don't know what to do with it. It's as though it's a child newly returned from boarding school, a child who's become, in absence, taller, bolder, and changed in invisible but undeniable ways. Of course, it's the same child beneath it all, but it's something else too, now. I steal glances at it from  time to time; other times, distracted, I forget and then remember that it's my own.

You will have a chance to see it very soon. Bookseller + Publisher magazine has already published the first review, noting 'deftly drawn' descriptions of landscape and 'pitch-perfect atmosphere.' The book will be released at the end of February, so now, in these final, weird days, I am gearing up for all the promotional activities ahead (more on those to follow) . . . and stealing sidelong glances at this newest addition to the bookshelf.



AuthorMichelle Dicinoski