Martin Duwell has reviewed Electricity for Beginners over at Australian Poetry Review. He reviews one book each month, on the first of the month, and I am very pleased that mine made it on to his list.

I write from foggy England, where I am about to commence my reading tour, thanks to the Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship. I will be reading at Greenwich University on Tuesday the 30th, and then at the Menzies Centre on Wednesday the 31st of October as part of the public events calendar. If you're in London, come along to the Strand Campus, Strand Building, SO11, for a reading commencing at 6:15pm.

Given my interest in "hidden" things, I had to visit the Churchill War Rooms, the underground bunker in which Churchill and his staff conducted war operations and stayed safe from the Blitz. Here's a picture of the telephones in the Map Room. The wax dummies add an extra something to the scene, that's for sure.


AuthorMichelle Dicinoski