Lately I've been working on something new. It's a workbook that's designed to help people write down stories from their lives. Called Telling Tiny Stories, it came about because I realised that many people want to write down their life stories, but aren't sure where to start. Telling Tiny Stories is made up of a series of prompts that ask you to write down concrete and specific details from your past, details about places and smells and people. It also asks you to write about some of your private and imaginary worlds. In writing memoir, I came to realise that writing about the past and the present can help the reader understand the autobiographical narrator as a more complex figure, as someone shifting and changing across time. This complexity can also be achieved by writing about the internal world of the autobiographical narratorwhat they wish and imagine and hope for. Telling Tiny Stories documents these kinds of stories, and it helps you to remember like a writer. 

With this project, I have decided to go DIY and crowdfund it, and I've been thrilled to reach the funding goal well in advance of the deadline. Please look at the Pozible campaign and consider supporting it. You'll get a book as a reward, or pledge more and pick up extras as gifts. Best of all, the prompts are fun, approachable and surprising. 

AuthorMichelle Dicinoski