Poems about falling in and out of love, poems about houses that shake and flood, poems about frisbees and families. Electricity for Beginners is a lyrical exploration of the sparks and surges familiar to us all. Read more here. Available to buy via Amazon

“Michelle Dicinoski’s poems have that clarity and zest that marks the arrival of a fresh new voice in Australian poetry. She coaxes you into her poems with sweet allure, and keeps you there … This is a book that hums lightly, warmly, and with charmed intimacy”— Judith Beveridge
“The strength in Michelle Dicinoski’s poetry is her faithfulness to gravity and other laws of the physical sciences. But the beauty lies in her bright defiance: celebratory moments in which the confetti doesn’t fall, but floats in place / in the air just beyond us”— Bronwyn Lea

Electricity for Beginners was Highly Commended in the 2011 Fellowship of Australian Writers Anne Elder Award (for best debut poetry book in Australia).