Praise for Ghost Wife: A Memoir of Love and Defiance

“The story of two young women who love each other, Ghost Wife makes their love visible and uncovers the lives of hidden lovers on the two continents over which they travel. Moving, irresistible and new, this memoir will inspire readers to honour all that is hidden in the past – and within ourselves”—Gloria Steinem

Ghost Wife is a revelation in every sense of the word. It not only illuminates the struggle for equal marriage in the most intimate possible way, but also tenderly examines the meaning of love and commitment. Insightful, supple and gorgeously written, this book left me humbled and moved”—Benjamin Law

“a powerful and deeply moving book”—Australian Book Review

 “Ghost Wife is a contemplative memoir, but it is also funny and warm-hearted […] A paean to the ritual of marriage, Ghost Wife goes to the heart of what it is to be human: love and commitment, friendship and intimacy, shared values and shared struggle”—The Weekend Australian

“poignant and moving, the prose clear-eyed and affecting all at once”—Sydney Morning Herald

“it’s hard to describe just how affecting Ghost Wife is. Because it is, at heart and in the truest sense, a very romantic book, meaning it rests not on clichés but deep-running emotions. Michelle’s voice is clear, sensitive and defiant, and her gathering of stories and histories gracefully handpicked. That it is timely and important is a given, but that it is unsentimental and yet incredibly moving is a feat. This is one that will stay with you”—Readings Monthly

“a brave and inspiring autobiography”—West Weekend

“Less about gay marriage and more about knowing who you are, where you come from and being comfortable with it, Dicinoski’s memoir explores the complexity of all relationships and gives voice to ones that go unheard”—Adelaide Advertiser’s SA Weekend

“poetic, clear-eyed and warm”—Sydney Morning Herald

“resonant and engaging”—Big Issue

“an insightful examination of the human heart—the choices we make, and the chances we take, to find and keep love. It’s also a haunting multi-generation family drama […] Both elegiac and celebratory, Ghost Wife captures one couple’s journey not just towards matrimony, but ultimately, toward the redeeming power of love”—Curve (USA)

“This is a fresh Australian voice and a welcome addition to the memoir genre”—Bookseller+Publisher

“a vivid and engaging joy […] This book is a beautiful one, an intimate read about nothing more and nothing less than deep love”—M/C Reviews 

"This book is an important story. Sure, it’s a story of a love affair and can be read as such, but it is as personal as it is political; it is gentle but determined, moving without the sentiment.  It examines themes of commitment and family. But most of all it is about love and visibility. Put it on your reading list. Buy it for your family, your parents, your children, your friends – gay or straight; this is a story we need to hear, we need to tell"—Fuse

“Heart-warming, funny and ultimately full of hope […] an entertaining read that will take you on the journey of two young women on the road to recognition”—LOTL 

 Praise for Electricity for Beginners

"These poems are as tough-minded and intelligent as they are sensitive and winning"—Australian Poetry Review

"an alluring, expressive and well wrought collection"—Cordite Poetry Review